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GR Plus Hybrids

This is a ballasted stock that is built around a 1.25 in CF barrel and 3-4 band muzzle. Comes with a 7.5mm shaft and set of bands.

Please choose your Size:
57.5 in GR Plus $1000.00
Length: 57.5"
Shaft Size: 63" m X 7.5mm
61" Threaded X 7.5mm
Band Length: 27",28",29" X 9/16"
60 in GR Plus $1015.00
Length: 60"
Shaft Size: 65"-68" X 7.5mm Barbed
61" X 7.5mm Threaded
Band Length: 28",29",30" X 5/8"
3 Bands is optimum power.
63 in GR Plus $1125.00
Length: 63"
Shaft Size: 65"-78" X 7.5mm Barbed
65" X 7.5mm Threaded
Band Length: 29",30",31" X 5/8"
3 Bands is optimum power.
  1. Gun sizes are measured from end of spear gun to tip of muzzle.
  2. Band lengths do not include wishbones. Optimum wishbone lengths are 4" for guns under 60", 6" for Blue Water
  3. Using more bands then listed can be dangerous with increased recoil. Use recommended shafts and number of bands for each spear gun.

Time in Hawai'i:
This is the straightest shooting gun I have ever shot. - Larry Smith