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GR Hybrids

The Semi-Enclosed track "GR" gun, designed to shoot the 9/32 diameter shaft, is the best in situations where you need a fast loading gun. The semi-enclosed track eliminates shaft whip increasing both distance and accuracy.

Please choose your Size:
36 in  "Pistol" $725.00
Length: 36"
Shaft Size: 42"
Band Length: 16",17" X 9/16"
42 in  "North Easter" $775.00
Length: 42"
Shaft Size: 48"-50"
Band Length: 20",21" X 9/16"
50 in GR Rear Plus, or Mid Handle $825.00
Length: 50"
Shaft Size: 58"
Band Length: 24",25" X 9/16" or 5/8"
55 in  GR Semi Enclosed Rear Plus, or Mid Handle  $875.00
Length: 55"
Shaft Size: 63" Barbed X 7mm
58" Threaded X 7mm
Band Lengths: 26",27" X 5/8" Or
27",28",29" X 9/16"
  1. Gun sizes are measured from end of spear gun to tip of muzzle.
  2. Band lengths do not include wishbones. Optimum wishbone lengths are 4" for guns under 60", 6" for Blue Water
  3. Using more bands then listed can be dangerous with increased recoil. Use recommended shafts and number of bands for each spear gun.

Time in Hawai'i:
Just wished id bought one earlier. - Joseph Lewsley