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IUSA (Records)
IBSRC (bluewater records)
Deeper Blue
Divers Alert Network

Fish Reef Project Hawaii

Spearfishing Clubs:

South Florida Spearfishing Club
St. Pete Underwater Club

Palm Beach Freedivers
Los Angeles Fathomiers
Greater LA Council


Horizon Charters
Peace Boat
FreeDive Shop
BC Powerbands
Into The Blue Spearfishing Charters

More Links:
gyotaku by Ken Okutake
Performance Freediving
The Blue Wild Spearfishing Seminar and Expo
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Spearfishing Magazine
Mens Journal
Field And Stream

Cool Stuff:

SporTube hard case tranportation systems
Diving Designs - fine sea life jewelry for your aquatic lifestyle
Dee's Diamond Flashers
Moana Waterman Freediving Carbon Fins
Mud Energy Gel

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Friday, February 15, 2019 a maritime bazooka, powerful enough to kill a thousand-pound fish or blow a hole in the boat. - Daniel Duane