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Dive Safety:

I sometimes get a few letters about diving incidents that happened to spearos and how they survived a potentially life threatening event. Afterwards they realize how close a call it was and then figure out what happened and how it could have been prevented. And often times what they learned from it.
I myself have lost 8 personal friends to shallow water black out. Its something we all think will never happen to us but it can very easily. For years I thought I was doing fine and diving safely, but the truth is I was pretty reckless considering what I know now. Classes like Perfomance free dive international and FII, and others that teach freediving techniques are something all spearos should take. Similar to taking drivers ed before getting your drivers license spearos should take a freedive course before seriously getting into diving. Black outs can occur at any depth. Not only deep dives.

This safety section is something I should have had up years ago and wished I had saved many of the letters outlining near drownings and how they occurred and could have been prevented. But better late than never. So this is for all of you out there to read, see what can happen and hopefully learn from others experiences should something similar happen to you.

Feel free to send in your experiences if you have had one and what you learned from it so others can learn too. If it even saves one life that's all that matters. The letter will be edited to be anonymous. Just the story and what was learned. I'll start with mine first.

Aloha, Daryl

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