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Daryl Wong Spearguns is pleased to sponsor and/or contribute to the following tournaments/clubs:
bullet Richard "Sonny" Tanabe Invitational Freediving Tournament
bullet Kona/Hilo YMCA - North Atlantic Jr. Championships
bullet Los Angeles Fathomiers
bullet Broward Longfins
bullet Long Beach Neptunes
bullet Key West Open (Big Brother/Big Sister)
bullet SPUCS - St. Pete Open
bullet Mass Freedivers
bullet Massachusetts Freedivers
bullet Tobago Freedive Spearfishing Challenge
bullet Southern Open Florida Spearfishing Championships
bullet La Paz World Cup Spearfishing Championships
bullet San Diego Freedivers Club
bullet U.S. nationals tournament
bullet Kevin Piper Memorial

Time in Hawai'i:
Perfect gun for medium visibility. - Ian Mg