Michael Burdi MD

     your guns performed flawlessly today 2/2 on WSB and 6/6 on nice calicos! I love ❤️ Wong guns! Balanced & brilliant! Thank you!

Michael Burdi

Aloha, Daryl

     I hope you can put some pics on your site! I must say, your 60" GR plus was flawless that day! I tuned it the day before with new bands and new shooting line. The old slip tip shaft had gotten a bit corroded so I put on a new shaft with a Mori slip tip the day before that trip so I wouldn't lose muzzle/spear speed from the corrosion. The gun seemed to have eyes 👀 and laser focus that day as I took 2 of my 5 shots at 18-20+ foot plus shots leading breezing Bluefin and they were all on target 🎯! I went 5/5 that day with 3 of my own primary BFT and 2 secondary "kill" shot on the two tunas my buddies caught that were about ready to rip off. Getting a "hat trick" of Bluefin on my own was never on my wildest dreams of bucket lists but happened! Thanks to you and your skillful craft!

Thanks Daryl!

Dr Michael Burdi


     In response to your comment on Hamachi, I got these two w a SINGLE shot of your 60GR! Note the shooting line through both fish! I aimed for the big guy and the little guy got in the way so I ended up w both! You should put this on your website!

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