Simon P. Cox

Hope all is well with you man. Just dropping you a line to say how much I appreciate your craftsmanship. There is something special about your bands man, I have been in the water with every type of bands, but yours never let me down. I have not had one fail yet and have been in the water over a hundred times with the gun. I ordered several of your bands as replacements but have not put them on!
I recently snatched up an irresistible ebay offer on a new gun you made for a guy named Miller Richard. He bought it from you and never put it in the water because of an inner ear chronic problem.

The 55 reef is sick and really glad to have another one of your masterpieces.

Thanks Daryl

Kind Regards


Hey man

     I wanted to send you a few of the first catches with the Wong. Guys down here practically worship the thing lol.

The flounder was 14.5 lbs got him this morning in Nica in gigante b

Thanks brother.


Time in Hawai'i: