Joe (Jfarlo) and aidan Farlo
hey daryl

     i have shot 3 fish over 50 this year all with the ONO and i have been after all these guys on spearboard to use a big gun for these fish as a few people have been losing fish with the smaller stuff only austin and i are landing those long shots

aidan did it today!

he finally pulled the trigger on that gun
and it did exactly what it was supposed to do


he is a local celebrity here in so cal ;)
Aidan and I competed in the carp shootout hosted by the dive shack in Arizona and everyone knew him

he shot 8 fish for a total weight of 48lbs
biggest 9.2 lbs

he's really got that gun dialed in
best regards
joe farlo

Thanks again for donating to our auction last night

It was a big success and all your items bid up to within $10-20 of your retail price !!

also wanted to share that Aidan shot a 8 lb calico bass last weekend with his gun

thats a big accomplishment here in so cal
he has been shooting it with only two bands lately when using a flopper shaft and nails the fish every time

hope to get him on a yellowtail this summer


What could be better than to shoot BFT in your own backyard on your own boat with your favorite California blue water gun

Loving my Daryl Wong Ono these days perfect for big tunas in cloudy blue water. I add an extra 5th kicker band.

With the enclosed track it fires perfect with a little extra punch to toggle every time ! A little Dorado target practice always a sure way to know

Joe Farlo

Time in Hawai'i: