Krista Hanson
Hi Daryl,

     Hope you had an awesome time at Blue Wild, so sorry we had to miss it this year. We are back in Alabama and got down to the coast diving the past few days. Red Snapper just opened and we have easily limited out every trip. I also got my first Cobiafreediving. That new gun is incredible, it has practically doubled my range! I have shot four nice big fish and numerous others with the flopper and it is still straight enough to shoot. My old stainless shaft would never have made the second fish. Sterling and I are definitely sold on spring steel. We head to Mexico next week for the Red Sea Shoot Out, hope the Magic gun does the trick.

I had wanted to order a replacement shaft and head from you for the one that got away and Sterling could order a shaft for his gun but I knew you were in Florida after the Blue Wild and we are leaving this week. I will try to get back to you after Ventana. Thanks again for the great gun!


Time in Hawai'i: