Daryl is indeed a great guy..he sent a spare handle with my speargun in the first place, which i think is a great gesture...although im sure some people would say (and have a valid point) , that ldnt expect the handle to break in the base case... I actually took out out my new 55 magnum hybrid for a test dive this weekend, in an area where there wont be any fish to shoot, just sand/rocks just to test how it feels, how it handles etc...bear in mind that i am mainly used to euro guns, the most powerful i had hot before was a double banded rabitech 120... here are some impressions:

first loading: i though the 3 bands would be tough to load, but its not bad at all. i loaded them relatively easy, without having to use the rest tab...the third band was naturally the most challenging

Movement in the water: Surprizingly very light, i didnt feel i was moving with a big heavy object, the guns was easy to move with, inverted handle and all

Tracking: Again very easy, not as easy as a euro gun, but not far from that at all, i was a gain very pleasantly surprized, it tracks a lot better then an all wooden gun definitely..

Firing: OH man thats the moment of the truth, had to fire it 3 times just to make sure i wasnt dreaming...(like i said im used to euro guns), i couldnt see the spear, baaaam, but it did go where i wanted it to, theres a little recoil, but not much, it doesnt kick back or anything....i have the rear handle plus...

overall very pleased with it..Thanks Daryl...

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