John Morozumi
Hey Daryl,

     long time no talk. Hope all is well with you. Been diving much?

I'm headed to the PFI class in Kona mid February. I was wondering if you know anyone in the area that could help get me and my uncle out on a boat for some offshore diving. Are the onos still around in Feb? Any other tips or advice for the area would be appreciated. I haven't been back to the big island since my sister lived in the City of Refuge area quite a few years ago.

The 60" mag hybrid is still going strong. I made it down to San Benitos again this summer...white seabass and yellowtail. Do you think that gun would be good for offshore on the big island? We also went to Kauai for a week in October. I only shot some menpachi and uweoweo. The other reef fish were just to smart for me. Check out the pics.



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