Ziad Nassar
Dear Daryl,

     You're email is very much appreciated. I've been using your gun whenever possible. Since it's a blue water gun, i don't use it as much as I'd hope to.

This may seem like a lie, but in all the times I've used it. I've only missed a fish once, which was totally my fault. Other than that, I've rocked fish like a marksman, I've done ridiculous shots and hit them Spot on. I can't tell how much I love that gun, I've bragged to all my friends about it. Simply put, It's incredible. A true work of art.

Hope it's ok, but I'll flood you with some trophy pics that I've managed to take. One thing I've failed at is hold your gun while taking the pics. I'll adjust that when the rainy season is over here in Sierra Leone. Hopefully with a tuna in the other hand.

Best and warmest regards,
Ziad Nassar

Time in Hawai'i: