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I have has been making spearguns now for about 18 years. In that period I have made and sold literally thousands of guns. As this has always been a labor of love for me, I cannot begin to express my thanks for the many years of support and aloha that I have received from the diving community at large, and from you, my friends and customers in particular.

Over those years I have always worked to improve the quality of our guns. I am continually looking for ways to improve the accuracy, ergonomics, durability and safety of Daryl Wong Spearguns.

As part of this effort I have recently redesigned the basic handle that comes with my spearguns. The new handle has been redesigned to improve its strength and structural integrity, and has been particularly prepared with counter sunk drill holes that use flat bottom screws.

When the handle came out in 2009, I offered to replace any first generation handles that came with tapered screw holes with the new model. Some of my customers took me up on the offer, but recently one of my old handles failed while being used by a close friend of mine. Thankfully she is okay now, but the incident reinforced the importance of replacing the older handles with the new version.

Part of the problem with the old handles with the tapered screw holes is that the integrity of the handle can be compromised by over-tightening the tapered screws which may create cracks in the base.

For these reasons I am announcing a standing replacement offer. I will replace any older handle purchased before February 2009 with the newer handle at no charge to you.

Any handle that is older than 2009 should be returned. I will replace the handle with a newer version that has been re-engineered to increase the structural strength of the handle.

This offer applies to all of my guns whether or not you are the original owner. If you are not sure if your handle is one that should be replaced, call me or send me an email and I can help you decide, or simply send me the handle.

I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this offer even if your visual inspection of your handle shows no structural cracking, as it would be a great opportunity for you to upgrade your handle.

To exchange your handle simply Click here to fill out this form, fill it out and mail it together with your handle to

5914 Haleola St.
Honolulu hawaii 96821

Of course we all know that it is almost impossible to build a gun that cannot be damaged through mis-use or abuse.
As a safety precaution it is important that you check all parts of your gun before every dive to ensure that your gun is functioning properly.

Because my mission has always been to build the best guns in the water I am always trying to learn how my guns are performing and surviving in the "real world". ANY failure of my products is taken very seriously by me. PLEASE let me know how my guns are doing. I invite you to contact me by email, or call if you ever have any problems with one of my guns.

Feel free to drop me a line, even if the failure is due to "an accident" or "equipment abuse" (e.g. dropped the gun over a cliff and ran it over with the boat). Knowing how my guns are being used by my friends and customers will help in guiding future designs.

Aloha and Mahalo,

Daryl Wong

New Handle Design

Diffrent Screws Tapered Vs Flat

Old And New Handle Designs

Old And New Handle Designs

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