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Daryl Wong's Legendary Spearguns - Custom Built in Hawaii

Welcome to, home of the Hawaii State Gun. Here you will find an array of hybrid spearguns, rail guns, freeshaft guns and much more custom made for you!  Daryl Wong builds each of his legendary spearguns by hand at his shop in Hawaii. His guns are used by top spearos all over the world.
It is the pride he takes in hand crafting each and every speargun that gives him the satisfaction knowing each speargun is made with the best materials available and enables him to give a lifetime warranty on each speargun whether it is with an original owner or a second or third owner.

If you have a video with your wong gun, send us a link and we'll add it to our Videos Section!

Time in Hawai'i:
...well balanced, simple to use, spearing machines. I love ‘em! - Scott Murphy