Shane Anderson
Aloha Daryl,

     Check out the freshwater fish! Its a rainbow. Love the gun!



I hope you had a great time at the expo. I received your beautiful gun in the mail, and im very happy to report a successful first trip with it. I took it to Fish Lake yesterday, which is a few hours south of my house. It is an excellent fishery, and usually has amazing visibility for a fresh water lake. Friday was a little different though. There was thick overcast, which made the already below average visibility worse. The water was in the mid-40's, and bone chilling cold. I felt optimistic though, because these were bad diving conditions, but great conditions for an up close encounter with a shallow cruising lake trout. I started at first light, and after about an hour of diving I made a drop in 20 feet of water onto a weed bed that was loaded with perch. After lying on the bottom for about 30 seconds I was surrounded by their curious faces. Then, through the darkness my peripheral vision caught hold of a giant lake trout approaching the left side of my body. I maintained my motionless position as best as I could as I stared at the awe inspiring sight. As it past my body it turned in front of me and gave me a perfect broadside shot. I only had to lift my muzzle about six inches and pull the trigger. The fish was so surprised it didn't move for a long second, and then it took off like a wahoo. It took my line and float out to the middle of the lake in seconds. It took me a solid 20 minutes to finally subdue the fish. When I finally put it on the stringer I let out a scream of joy underwater. It was the realization of my fresh water hunting dreams! Then later that day I shot my first Tiger Musky. Needless to say it was an amazing first day with the gun! I hope you enjoy the pictures


Hi Daryl, I got a few fish pictures to share. My friend invited me to his house last week for one last summer dive trip. I'm not sure if you've been to La Paz before but thats where it is, and I love it there. We were mostly hunting pargo. The spots we were going to get hold big fish, but they get a lot of pressure. The fish were spooky and always caved up in 50-65 ft of water. If you've ever shot a big pargo, they're a very formittable oponent. I was lucky enough get several but even luckier enough to shoot my PB. I saw him go in a big crack at 55 ft and I swam down and waited above the crack hoping he would come out. Just when I was at the end of my breath hold I saw the small fish at the edge of the crack opening starting to part. My adrenaline began pumping, I knew it was becuase they were making way for my big pargo. Sure enough he poked his head out just barely. He was a couple feet to my left, and about six feet below me. I could only see part of his head so I took the best shot he allowed me, a downward shot through the cheek. A solid shot, but he wasn't hurt at all. Immediately the battle began. My heels were pressed against the rock trying my best to pry him out as he went side to side breaking coral everywhere. After what seemed like forever I got him out of his hole and began my journey to the surface. That was no easy task either, but the air felt great when I got to the top. What a blast!

BTW, the new semi-enclosed track is amazing. I was shooting it powered up with three bands on my 5/16th and 9/32 shafts and felt no recoil. I felt 100 percent confident in putting the shaft were I wanted it. Thanks again, happy diving!

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