Oscar Buenaventura
Hi Daryl,

     Here's pictures of fish I speared on San Diego shore dives this week with your gun. Speared two white sea bass one day and a yellowtail the next day. It was a first for me for wsb and yt. Not real big, but good eating size.

Since I was used to a closed muzzle Rob Allen gun, it took me a while to learn how to aim your gun. With lots of practice I think I now have it wired. I am amazed with the power of your gun. I am only using two 9/16 bands and yet the gun put the shaft completely through all three of these fish.


Here's a picture of a 20 lb. WSB I speared today in the La Jolla kelp. Your gun is a fish killing machine! So far this summer it has taken 3 WSB, 1 YT and 3 halibut. Last year all I got was a few halibut.

I have a question about the butt pad. Today it came off, but luckily it landed in my kayak so I didn't lose it. I need to re glue it. I am thinking of using "Marine Goop." I have had good luck with this adhesive in the past with marine applications. What would you recommend?


P.S. next time I'll try to include myself in photos.

Hi Daryl,

Here is a picture of a WSB I speared with my GR gun yesterday. He weiged 30 lbs. - my biggest so far. About 20 minutes before I speared this one, I saw a WSB that made it look like a baby - I think he would have been around 60 lbs. He spooked just as I was lining up the shot - one more second and I would have had him.

If I get lucky and spear his big brother, I'll send you a picture.


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