Juan Carballo
Hey Daryl,

     Just wanted to share with you how happy I was with my guns. On April 30-May 2, I went fishing for tuna in Panama. Although the conditions were particularly tough all around, I managed to land my first YFT with my Wongs. I used my 65 Super Magnum as my primary gun and my 60 GR Plus as my back up. Both worked flawlessly and the combo was perfect for this trip.

In the picture you will see my first YFT which was swimming erratically, in some pretty musky water. In a split second I anticipated the shot, and hit him from what had to be 18-20ft. The shot was dead on!!!

Thanks again for taking the time with your customers and your product, the quality shows!

Juan Carballo

P.s. you might have gained some fans on my trip...

Time in Hawai'i: