Jeremy Caulkins

     My cousin whitney carden (lives on maui � bluewater inc. speardiving shop) lost his ono gun a few months ago off of his jet ski in 90ft of water. I was bummed because I bought it for his 30th b-day and it took me a long time to save up for it. Any-ways, he searched for it 10+ days straight w/ buddies (scuba and freediving) 4-8 hours a day and never located it. Whitney posted in his shop window a $700 cash reward or $1000 worth of gear in his shop if it was returned. Needless to say � someone found it and returned it last week. Best part is�����.. the gun still works perfectly � I am amazed!!!!! After 3 months of being underwater 24 hours a day the gun track is straight (incredible for an all wood gun � laminated track), trigger mech works the same, and locking mech was perfect! Gun had No warping!!! Needless to say your gun passed the submersion test with flying colors.


Jeremy Caulkins

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