Patrick James Dean

     Aloha, I just got back from OBX NC offshore spearing. Cobia, mahi and big AJs with your Wong 50inch!

hope this finds you well! It would seem Keith Noonan and I are heading to La Paz at Palapas Ventana to compete in the BWWC in a few weeks. I will be bringing the 50inch magnum you built, for reef days. I have never speared there before, assuming you have?

It was an unexpected invite and came up suddenly. I don’t expect us to place very high, but hopefully it is a blast nonetheless! Any pointers, advice or intel you might have is appreciated?!?

Any magic rain dances or mirrored disco balls you can recommended to bring in the big fish? I have never shot a big tuna or a bill fish. Thanks in advance and looking forward to slaying fish with the Wong.

Also, did I show you the Wahoo i nailed in Puerto Rico this past feb? Used the Wong Tuna gun and it crushed that hoo! And this tiger shark got a little too close to me, had to poke it way!


Patrick James Dean

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Aloha Daryl,

     here is a pic of that tog i shot in dirty jerzy about 45ft down. it was 25/26inch fish weighed about 10pounds. i shot him from ten feet away and the 50 inch magnum you made was true to aim. stoned him dead, he never even flinched. it had some weird 'fish herpes' on its lower lip/jaw. all the skin was missing and the exposed membrane of bloodvessels were really gnarly, maybe from being a pig and eating all those mussels! haha. i just went to rhode island for a few days, weather was tough with wind blowing 35mph. got to dive ft whetherill, hugging the rocks/cliffs taking shelter from the wind. shot a decent tog for my lunch dinner. had a really beautiful dive there. 10ft viz. then surfed matunuck the next day, head high fun. talked with aron coscone about a charter but he was working and the weather was bad for fishing, will try again up there soon. any word on that 63 magnum? the weather has not provided a chance to run offshore here, but am hoping for a break in the next month or so. we keep getting big storms here. great for surfing, not for running a boat.....

aloha, patrick

Patrick James Dean

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