Andrew G. Gude
Dr. Wong,

      The 42in squid bone arrived last week early. I used it three days straight this past weekend.
Nearly a kill shot every time.
Hands down the most versatile gun I own.
Even with 2 bands (I shortened all of the bands and made tie-ins) I can shoot successfully at 15'.
I even freeshafted with an 8mm shaft painted bright yellow.

We fished 25'-52'. Visibility was horrid on the outgoing tide and didn't open up on the bottom until mid-incoming tide.
Then it was ~15'-17'. You had to dive down to 20' above the bottom to make out dark and light features.

George did far better, 7 out of 7 kill shots, he gets much closer. I taught him to fire at a shaft-and-a-half length off the muzzle.

I don't even aim; I think. Point and shoot; envision the spear placement just behind the eye.
That doesn't always go that way. . . If I can get within 2.5 shaft lengths off the end of the gun, I fire.

I missed 2 grouper at full range of 15' away from my body, but that was fine because I couldn't see their pupil.

Thank you so much!
Andrew G. Gude

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