Harry Hotmire
Hello Daryl,

     I purchased a Wong Hybrid from you about two or three years back. It was one that had the beautiful flame grain stock. I don't know if you remember or not - I live in Atlanta and purchased your gun for a Florida Keys trip. Unfortunately, I was not able to use it until a recent trip to Hawks Cay where I shot two Hog Snappers. I initially had issues pulling the 5/8" bands when I first received the gun and you were kind enough to send 9/16" bands, which I'm ashamed to say that I was unable to pull either. I only mention this as you are such a gracious individual to have sent them at no-charge. You not only have a passion for your craft, but also stands behind your product, offering on-going support after the sale, which can be rare these days.

On my recent trip to the Keys I researched loading techniques, as you said it is mostly about technique, not so much strength - and you were right. I loaded the 9/16" bands and decided to put the 5/8" bands back on, which I also loaded. With that being said, the experience shooting the Hogfish was incredible. The dive was roughly 80 feet and my first-time experience shooting a spear gun! Man am I hooked! I will be looking for opportunities to do this as often as I possible can (at least as a weekend warrior). Unfortunately, I don't live in the Clearwater/Tampa area anymore, otherwise I would be out on the water every week.

FYI, Daryl, I received several compliments on my gun, and most folks could tell it was a Wong at first glance.

As a buyer, I am always compelled toward quality. I am glad that I did not make exceptions in the case of buying a spear gun, and would like you to know that I am a very pleased customer.

Best Regards,


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