Joseph Jaegers
hey, Daryl

     its me Joseph Jaegers. i just wanted to say thanks for my 55 mag, i love it. after about 2 years i finely figured out how/where to hunt some big WSB hears a pic of my 2nd sea bass i shot. i shot it 9/15/09 wow did it run. keep up the good work, i get a complement every time i take my gun out, on the camu job, and how it feels.
thanks, Joseph Jaegers

hey, Daryl
here is a pic of my new personal best at 54 lb.
54.5 length 29.5 girth

thanks for all the fun your gun has brought me, its a lot easier to be persistent and spend long hrs in the water, when your hunting with a masterpiece!

Joseph Jaegers

hi, Daryl

i love my new GR i shot it 3 times at fish and hit them all. back in June Roy, Brandon and i got in to some fish (guns 1st time out other than target practice) i was hunting the edge of the kelp vis was 12/15ft. i swam down to 15ft leveled off and i look to my right, i see this monster wsb swim in from out of the blue. all i think about is this fish is to big i cant shoot it, iv never shot a fish with a reel. so i swim along side it for about 20ft it gets out in front of me on the edge of vis and starts turning back to the blue. the last thing i thought was well i got to learn how some time so i line up and take the shot. o ya fish on its game time! head to the surface put some pressure on and start the fight. Brandon and Roy swim over to check it out. it spooled me and tied up at 38ft i had so much adrenalin pumping Roy ended up grabbing my fish. i re-rig my gun and i hear Brandon has a fish on so i swim over to help i grab his gun, has about 30-40ft leaft on the spool he dives down tracking his line about a minute and the line starts taking off fast i see at the corner of my eye a silver flash cant make out what it is then it comes closer in to range of viz and i realize that's big ass seal with Brandons fish in its mouth! Brandon surfaces, i tell him what i see he tells me 'go grab his fish' i dive down and see his mono i started following it i see the seal pass around the fish and swim off i rush to the fish to grab it and as soon as i grab the fish the seal came back out of nowhere and rammed me (scared the crap out of me) my reaction was pull fish- punch with gun in hand. at the surface i pass brandon his fish hold the seal off Brandon while he re-rigs his gun the seal ends up taking off.
Brandon seen the whole thing and tells me 'i didn't tell you to take the fish form the seal" that day is at the top off my list. brandons fish was 46lb my fish was 51lb both bleed both with 50" wongs and that's how you get 1st blood on a gun.

well i wanted to tell you back in June but iv been diving so much i haven't had the time. thanks for the awesome gun i couldn't be happier

hope all is well,
joseph jaegers

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