Spencer Kim
Howzit Mr. Wong,

     Just thought i'd share a pic of the first dive with my new gun. I ran with 2 bands and hit the reef outside of magic island yesterday. The range is superb and the aiming took a few fish to get used to, but I think i got the hang of it towards the end of the dive. This gun really packs a punch and there was hardly any recoil. Thanks again for the great gun!

Howzit Mr.Wong,
Went out to waianae this past Sunday with a couple of my friends. Anhored at around 40 feet outside/ diamond head side of Yokohama Bay. Found an Ulua house in only 25 feet of water, dropped down and saw two big uluas, one swam out the back but luckily my friend was waiting and dive bombed it. I shot the smaller one right in-between the eyes, n it didnt even twitch. The gun proved once again to be spot on! Also found a nice kumu in that same area. I didnt know waianae was holding that size of fish (30, 20 lb uluas) at such a shallow depth. Im going to take your advice and try Mokuleia side during spring break next week.
Thanks again and take care, Spencer

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