Ryan Knight
Hey Daryl,

     FINALLY got a chance to go use my gun you made me. It's dead on accurate, had a great time spearing. Shot a nice aj, and a couple big groupers on sunday. I have a couple of questions about the gun.

1)What's the best way to get your spear out of the fish? I just pulled the spear through the fishes head and put it back through the same hole, but that's kinda hard to do on big fish. You have a good technique for this?

2)It's hard to get the spear to catch in the trigger mechanism. Is there a trick to this as well? When reloading the gun, I push the spear into the trigger mechanism and it just won't catch. It takes me awhile to get the spear to catch in there.

Love the gun, it works beautifully...I shot one of my groupers from about 20ft away, stoning him :). That was on the third fish, so I think my I have aiming it down. :)

Attached is my first kill with the gun...as you can see the line is still in his head be cause I was having a hard time getting the spear to go back through the same hole in the water.

Thanks for my gun, I'm already reccommending it to other spearos I know.

Time in Hawai'i: