Henry Lamkin
Aloha Daryl,

     Thought I'd just take a minute to kinda, maybe, touch base with you in a little more personal way I hope.

I'm in Wisconsin of course. You don't see (...) leaves turning that color in the Philippines, and it occurred to me "that with this really super cameo paint job, and you notice the colors in the trees." I could probably go dear hunting with this gun, and blend right in with the trees and nail a buck.

Although I've actually never been dear hunting. I'm a fisherman at heart, and I just wanted to take a minute to thank you so much again personally for all the time it took you to knock out this gun again for me, and to validate that that was time well spent because it means a lot to me and I will put this in the ocean for numerous hours.

(inaudible) and I noticed you put the loading notch on it for me, and you even have screws for a real and... Holly Mackerel man you went the whole nine yards with this thing. Thanks a lot Daryl, for your help, and your friendship, and your gun.


Thanks again.


     Just an update from the Philippines. Your gun gave me the reach to tag bigger fish on the reef in front of my House here in the Philippines. At first I thought I would never be able to cock it. Finally I put a plastic Plate with a mouse pad duck taped to it inside my dive suit. that dId the trick (lol). Love the gun and look forward to retiring this Oct. I will then be living at least 6 month out of the year in our house in the RP.

Need you to send me 2 sets of bands for my 55" hybrid gun and 1 spear please rig them the same as you did last time call me if you have any questions.

Included some picture of the fish I caught last trip. NOt the big ones you are used to but big around here. The reef has been a victim of dynamite over the years. So not many fish to chase and hard to hit once you find one but your gun gives me a fighing chance to bring home food every day if it's out there. Thank you on behalf of my many hungry relitatives :)

Henry Lamkin

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