Anthony "TJ" Marano
Thanks Daryl,

     Beautiful gun
My first Striper of the season, in Shinnecock NY


     I finally put that Nor'Easter to the test

taken at 30' under the bridge to Fire Island, Long Island NY

I definitely should've had your slip tip on for this one, I learned a lesson, almost lost him to the gash the flopper shaft made, bent the spear on me too, but it was worth it

about 37lb, 44"
wish I had gotten a shot of the gun in there

Thanks Daryl

     your Noreaster/ light saber takes a 30 lb bass at 55 feet off of Montauk.
I had 3 guns on the boat, a 44" riffe mid handle, the bluetec 130 roller and after 8 hours of diving, I only wanted to use your gun, 8 knot current down there


     Finally got my trusty Wong in a wahoo photo

Time in Hawai'i: