Mike Morgan
Aloha Daryl -

     Just wanted to touch base and say hello. Got my first WSB last weekend. She went 60lbs and that is my first white ever! Shot her with my Mahi gun using a RA reel. Damn thing almost drown me though. I shot it and immediately got pulled underwater. Loosened my drag still being pulled under. Took a quick look at my gun and realized that the reel line had got wrapped around the turn knob and seized my reel. I quickly put the brakes on and started kicking my heart out to get to the surface. The fish wasn't having any of that and it was an epic battle kicking for the surface while holding the gun and trying not to black out. Finally broke the surface and was able to get a small breath before being pulled back down. This went on for about 10 minutes and finally the fish tied up and gave me a bit of rest so I can catch my breath. Finally got it out the kelp about 20 minutes later. She went 59.7 on the scale after I bled it, so I think its safe to say my first wsb was 60lbs!!!

Went back the next day and got another 30lber. Dove last Sunday and wasn't able to find any ghosts, but I needed some target practice and found this nice calico sitting about 20' away. So I had to make sure these guns are as accurate as you say... Well I threaded him from 20' and he went 8.5lbs ;)

That's two personal bests in a week with my Mahi gun!

Thanks Daryl,


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