John Musser
Hey Daryl,

     I could not be happier with the new guns. Here is a photo of my first White Sea Bass with the GR Plus. It was pretty early in the morning and the sun was still behind the clouds when in the low light I spotted the fish moving through the kelp. After maneuvering around a thick stringer I effortlessly raised the gun while tracking the fish and squeezed the trigger. My shot landed right on target and toggled through the fish's gills. The GR moved with such grace and balance it felt like I had owned this gun for years.

Dam was on the boat near by and swam over with his camera to get this photo. The sun just came out sending god's rays streaming through the kelp as I was retrieving the fish. It will surly be a fish I will always remember.

I find its always such a surprise encounter with the WSB and how often the shots are taken quickly. The GR Plus could not be a better match for my style of hunting the "White Ghosts".


Aloha Daryl,

     Hope summer has been treating you well. I have had great luck with the BFT over here. Landing 5 fish so far. Attached is my best. 175lb. Still looking to join the 200 club.

Can I order up a set of bands for my big gun. Its the 68" four tab 11/32 cannon you built me last year. Wondering how many bands you have been shooting it with. I have been shooting it with 4 and 5. 5 seemed a bit overpowered at first with the bands fresh, but now that they are a bit worn and stretched seem to be doing well.

Anyway let me know what I owe ya and if you make it to the mainland lets do chase em.


John Musser

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