Joel Olenik

     Shot a nice yellow at SCI last weekend with my new Super mag!! Gun works amazing. The yellow weighed 26 pounds. Not huge but fun. Also saw a nice school of Blue Fin tunas. Things are turning on around here.

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     After a crazy month of work and baby duties I really wanted to go for a dive. I finally got a little window and called all my usual buddies. All of them had a million excuses like work, wife’s, oh I'm going to Catalina with some kooks (OAK,RAY,RICE) or in Dams case he was getting his period and did not want to attract sharks. Randomly my Hook and line buddy Chris Farley called to shoot the shit. Chris just recently rebuilt a 1974 31ft Bertram from the ground up. The boat is a classic I really like the lines on those older Bertrams. It is pretty impressive minus the gel coat he pretty much did everything himself. He did such a good job he has people calling him to work on their boats. Anyway we got to talking and he wanted to run his boat so I hopped on.

Right when we pulled out of the harbor I knew it was going to be fun no matter what! It was glassy, hot and sunny, the water looked blue, his depth finder was reading 71 degrees and we had beer on ice. When we pulled up to the spot I could see from the fly bridge there was 20ft plus vis. I helped Chris get all his rods in the water and then suited up. Right when I jumped in and I was greeted with 25ft of vis tons of Bait, Barracuda, Black smiths, Clouds of calicos, sandbass and tanker Black sea bass all before I even made my 1st drop. It was not long before I had my 1st sighting a nice 50 plus pounder breezed off my right shoulder and cruised into the kelp. I tracked her for a bit but never had a good shot. It was cool because I did not spook the fish I got to watch her cruise into the bed and then slowly vanish out of site. I returned to surface confident I would see another at any moment. About 5 drops later hovering at 25 ft. I was looking to the right watching bait and barracuda, I slowly turn my head to the left watching a huge cloud of calicos, turned my head back to the right and low and behold a fish 10 ft. away perfectly broadside in front of me. (Still baffles me how they appear out of nowhere.) I paused for a brief second aimed my new 60in Wong GR plus and pulled the trigger (God that guns shoots amazing!!) Boom the shaft nailed her spine like a ton bricks sending the fish flying out of the bed. I horsed her super hard as it pulled me out to the blue. I kept the pressure on for a few more seconds till I felt her stop. Since the fish was in open water I slowly pulled my float line up till I could grab my shooting line, then my shaft and easily slip my hands into her gill plate. I swam back to the boat proud to break in the Bertram with her first WSB and a quality one at that. The fish bottomed out a 50 pounds scale so I would estimate it to be around 55#. We ended the day with an easy cruise home and few cold beers.

Thanks Daryl I couldn't believe how accurate the 60 in GR shoots it went exactly where I aim and knocked the hell out of the fish.

Thanks Joel

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