Chad Parker

     Finally shot a tuna!!!

Not the biggest fish in the sea, but it's a start.

We took the boat out to Cocos Island, 300 miles off the coast, for a 7 day live aboard trip. We were there to scout the waters for marlin for the boss so I didn't get to spent too much time in the water, but did manage to shoot the tuna and 2 little wahoo. We caught 2 150# yellowfins and broke off another bigger one. I can only imagine what we could do on a spear only trip.

Sorry I didn't hook up with you while you were down here, but I have been super busy as usual. Somehow I got sucked back into the construction game and I am managing 80 employees every day.

Keep an eye out for another email from me. I need to order another gun and some other stuff.

I hope all finds you well and tell Rick that we all say "pura vida."


Aloha Daryl,      Hope all is well. Everything going great down here. We are finally starting to slow down here with guests so I have found some time to get in the water. I have been using the hybrid and love it. I have been concentrating on shot placement more because I am not using the float, but less work getting reloaded and back in the water. The gun is super accurate and has plenty of power to penetrate these pargos. I dove the other day in 100' of water on a little reef. At slack tide the pargos were coming off the bottom up to 60'. Hundreds of nice cuberas in the 30-40 pound range. Darren was trying to get in touch with you about FAD's. I figured you might know someone in Hawaii that has experience building and deploying them. We want to build a couple down here in 3000'. If you know someone let him or I know. Keep in touch. Pura Vida, Chad

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