Esteban Leopoldo Quirola

     how are you doing........????

I receive the rubbers and the reel just 20 minutes before i left home to the airport just in time to take them whit me, tank you very much.

I tried this weekend your gun, and let me tell you that i can not believe how accurate is it.......!!

I only shot it three times and i got 2 fishes, but the first one i mist because it was a very skiny fish and was 6 meters from me....!!! ajjajajajaaja i have to improve my aming on that distance and position......!!

The line is good but i have notice some like curves in it, for me it is ok just let me know if there is any way i can avoid this, the rubbers are very easy to load, i am using the 32,31 and a 29 i think is the last one or 28 that is enough power but i allways would like to have more power.....!!! it is ok to shorten the 32 or both??

You will hear from people from Ecuador asking for your guns pretty soon......!!

I ll send you some pictures next time....!!

Take care....!!!

Esteban Leopoldo Quirola Guayaquil-Ecuador

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