Andrew Rubin
Aloha Daryl,

     I got this nice hog today off of Boca Raton today. I was aboard the "chiefy" captained by my good friend Jim Mathie. My thanks to Jim for putting me on the fish and my thanks to you for building the gun to take it.

All the best, Andrew Rubin

I was out on Saturday and the captain put the boat in reverse by accident. We were just descending when the boat backed over us. The gun took most of the abuse and, probably saved my life. Thanks for building them so tuff, I escaped with just five stitches in my left forearm.

It was my favorite GR 55" hybrid mid handle, so I'll need a new one. I'd like to get another GR 55" with the curly or tiger grain wood. Inscribed with Captain Andy and a hog fish. Add a couple of extra shafts to the price. The reel escaped injury so if you can pre drill the mounting holes I'll just transfer it to the new gun.


Andrew Rubin

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