David Shoemaker
hi daryl-

     dave shoemaker checking in here- hopefully you have received my check by now. so i had done a little fishing with your gun but today was the true shake down test...almost 12 hours out on the boat and water today...and 2 1/2 hrs of sleep didn't help...luckily i think my new speargun has a honing device. we started out in dense fog even questioning whether to fish or not. luckily we did..so today i managed to get 2fluke(one with the pole spear) 2 trigger fish and one striper..and i must say the gun worked amazingly. i am truly happy with the new purchase..i was struggling a little bit with my other gun..your gun feels so light in the water and i feel like it just shoots exactly where you want it to...very smooth and nice power and the trigger just had a nice feel to it...it is truly nice when you add up all the small pieces and end up with something that really just works well..it made for a great day of fishing..not to mention the sun coming out and getting on a bunch of lobsters (even though they were small and all released) and dropping my buddies off to swim with a sun fish for awhile..such a strange fish.so a good day and a great gun...hope all is well over there on your side and life has been good to you.



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