Jason Sneddon

     By the way, I really enjoyed speaking with you and really appreciated the advice. Your guns look great and I can hardly wait to get it in the water. Hopefully, I will be able to get it back to Oahu in the near future and take some Ulua if I'm lucky.




Well I took it out to Catalina on Saturday and had a blast. My very first shot w/ the gun nailed a yellow tail that got tangled on the reef and I subsequently lost, what a bummer that was. I then got a decent Calico and a decent Bonito and had a blast. I have got to tell you that that gun was more maneuverable in the water than any gun I have ever tried and the loading tab was great. Everyone on the boat thought the loading tab was a great idea too.

I love the gun and look forward to getting back out there next week.

Once again the gun is great and I can hardly wait to get the gun back in the water.


Jason Sneddon

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