Jamil Sulaimani
"Timeless Reaper"
Aloha Daryl,

     I hope all is well with you. Now this is my first good size Najil (Red coral grouper) with my RHP 60" magnum. had to snipe it from a distance as it was spooked and running to disappear between the corals. I decided in a split second to hit from the distance, and thank God i pulled the trigger. Placement was not the best which resulted in a nice fight and dinner for 12 family members the second day :) the gun is super sweet and i love it. it is very acurate and easy to handle.

Take care,
"Timeless Reaper"

Dear Gents,

Please find here under the pictures of today's trip fresh from the salty waters of Tafya. Led by our trusty skipper UM BROOOSY :) and in other terms Zaid AL Mowallad (i have no idea why Shadi calls him that). Any how summary

Alls got 4 Najils MashaAllah. with 9 kgs beeing the biggeest

Abu Osama and Abu 3abdallah spent their whole next dive tagging to get out the stuck 9 kgs Trabani plus others assorted Najils and Fakka

I got my 12 Kgs (24 lbs) Najil with my trusty Wong :)

Overall a great trip with a wonderful gang. I wished you all were here guys.

Oh and i forgot the coasr guards made us wear those stupid life thingys while we were leaving as if we were going to dive with them !


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