Thomas Warden
Aloha Daryl

     Shot my PB today 61lbs. Thanks again Daryl for the laser. This 60inch hybrid shots like a laser and I have only missed one WSB in over 25 shots. This is the go to gun!


Aloha Daryl

     Thank you for the gun you built... This thing shots like a lazar. first shot first harvest of a 45lb WSB..

Hello Daryl

     Today was the S.D Blue Water Meet and I think you would have been proud. Your gracious offer to sponsor this event by your beautiful Hybrid Gun was the hit of the event. I think your gun raised over $2,000 and was the most successful tournament fund raiser I have ever been to. This was so well organized by the club. I�m sure you are going to hear from the club organizers but I personally wanted to thank you although I wasn�t the lucky winner. I do know that I�m going to be ordering another gun from you in March. Take care Daryl

Tom Warden

Ahola Daryl

I haven�t spoke with you in a while and just wanted to say hi. Thanks again for the gun and it pulled off another great shot. 20 feet away this beautiful fish ended up on the shaft. 34lbs is a big yellow for La Jolla. Take care Daryl and I hope everything is going good for you.

Thomas Warden

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